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Finding Storage Sydney During a Move

Most of the time when you are moving, you may notice during the move that you don’t have all of the necessary space in your new home, or you may want to take your time bringing things into it so you don’t have to unpack everything and have a huge disaster on your hands. That being said, it’s always important to consider a storage solution that can give you security and safe storage of your belongings. When you’re in Sydney, you can count on a dedicated storage facility to help protect your things, so you don’t have to worry so much about them, and in this guide, we’ll give some tips on finding the right storage facility.

Security is A Must

When you’re looking into facility options, you’ll probably want to consider the security. In order to protect your personal property the most, you’ll want the facility to have extra security installed, such as cameras, or even better, having more than just one padlock on your unit. Having the extra security of door styles is also a key feature that you may want to look into. One way to have a more secure location is to choose a storage facility that is also fully alarmed and available to be reached every day of the week.

How Affordable Should Your Unit Be?

The price generally depends on the size that you need to store items. In many cases, a medium or small storage space will do. You don’t want to purchase or rent a large capacity unit if you don’t intend to fully fill it. This way you end up getting an affordable option for you. The larger the unit you are renting, and the more features it has, the more you are going to look into spending. Another thing to consider is how long the storage facility has been around, and the location. While some people may want to get a unit that’s close to them in an urban area, the ones that are further away from populated areas are often cheaper, and just as secure.

Choosing Open Hours

One of the beneficial options that adds more security and can even lower the price is choosing a storage facility that is not necessarily open 24 hours a day, even if it is open seven days a week. The reason being, these units are often more heavily guarded, and they normally have a standard time during the day in which you can access your goods.


One of the best storage units that Sydney has to offer you during your move is a company that is called Storage Plus. They’re located conveniently in Rosebery and has storage units that are easy for you to access between 7AM-7PM and can be found at their Sydney page. They also have a new 24-hour facility open that is completely secure in which you can store your items anytime, any day. Their storage units are perfect whether you’re moving to a new home, or even if you are a business that has to move surplus. Their main goal is that you have one of the lowest prices in Australia, and you can even get a discount based on other competitors in the area.