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EMP Protection in an Uncertain World

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, right?  We have COVID, vaccine issues, riots in the Streets, people wanting to get rid of our police forces, and the media trying to suppress the truth.  Who would have ever thought our world could get into such a mess? 

How serious is the EMP threat to America?  It’s no threat at all if nothing happens – but if I does happen, it will be in an instant – and the life we’ve always known will be gone forever.   There’s a book called, ‘One Second After’ that deals with this subject in detail. 

What Does EMP Mean?

It stands for Electromagnetic Pulse, and it can come from a nuclear blast or from a solar flare.  The result would be very similar.  The effects could encompass the entire country or it could be a more localized event, depending on the height and severity of the blast. 

Are EMPs real?  Absolutely.  Could it actually happen?  Yes!  Actually, President Trump issued an executive order in March, 2019 to harden our critical infrastructure in case of such an event. 

Basically, an EMP blast would ‘fry’ anything with electronic components.  This includes vehicles, computers, cell phones, generators, wiring, appliances, TVs, etc.  People in hospitals would be in danger because the equipment wouldn’t work.  Protected generators would kick in – but only as long as there was fuel for them.  The world as we know it would be gone.  We can’t even imagine it! 

What will Work After an EMP Attack?

Things that will work will be manual items.  We would certainly be forced to get down to basics.  Pre-1980’s vehicles would most likely run because they weren’t built with electronics.  Anything hardened or protected from an EMP would have a good chance of working.  I have a SHTF list of supplies to have on hand for emergency situations.  Please consider it carefully. 

Having sensitive items stored in a Faraday cage would be a good idea if you’re concerned about this ever happening.   A Faraday cage is very simply a metal enclosure that the EMP blast couldn’t penetrate.  This can be as small or large as you want, but it has to be completely enclosed in order to work.

What is an EMP Shield?

An EMP Shield is technology that has been developed to military standards.  You can buy protection for your home and vehicles for a comparatively low cost.  Our link gives you $50 off the purchase price.  The EMP Shield protects your home and auto from lightning, power surges, solar flares and electromagnetic pulses.    I have one on my home and highly recommend it.

EMP Threats

We are apparently overdue for a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) or solar flare.  This could and will happen at some point.  But, the major problem that I see is a terrorist attack.  Yes, an enemy nation could attack with a nuclear weapon, but hopefully we could stop it before it caused damage.  Who knows?? 

But, localized terror attacks are a very real possibility.  We have 3 major power grids – eastern part of the U.S., western part of the U.S. and Texas.  Can you imagine the damage it could cause in a coordinated attack?  It could cause a ‘domino effect’…one transformer failing and causing the next one to fail…and so on. 

And guess what, getting new power equipment could take years.  We apparently have no inventory available and they are built in China. 

EMP Attack Survival

Could we survive an EMP Attack?  No, most people couldn’t.  It’s estimated that within a year, over 90% of the population would be dead.   If trucks didn’t run, where would we get our food and supplies?  Where would be get medications that many people depend on?  Personally, I have a well for water, but it doesn’t run without electricity.  Where would we get water? 

A huge problem would be all the diseases caused by lack of sanitation and water-borne illnesses.  Without electricity, city sewer systems wouldn’t work. 

Think about all this and decide if you want to make plans accordingly.  It would be a good idea to start growing and preserving your own food.  Figure out how you could get water if it wasn’t coming out of the tap.  Above all, start thinking about ways your family could become more self-sufficient.