instruments, without actually owning them – there is no physical purchase of the asset. This means that if you buy CFDs on Vodafone shares, for example, you do not acquire the actual shares. Nevertheless, you can profit from the difference between their buy and sell prices. Kanban trainers and consultants who are a little more switched on get around this complication by referring to the above calculation as average Cycle Time”. However, calling this horizontal measurement an average” is still a bit disingenuous. The reason average Cycle Time” is intellectually dishonest here is because people may assume this to be an exact average when it almost certainly is not. Also there is no margin fee associated with trading CFDs. The margin is what you put in to buy or sell the CFD when you open a position. For example if you were to open a position in a share CFD where the underlying share had a price of $10 and you were looking to buy 1000 units. To buy the shares outright your outlay would be $10000 plus brokerage. If

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