Trading CFDs With SAXO BANK

SAXO BANK offers a broad market coverage with more than 9,000 CFDs including Single Stocks, Stock Indices, and Commodities – allowing you to apply your insight to the most relevant global assets and markets.

SAXO BANK offers tight spreads and low commissions. With Saxo Bank, you can Buy or sell with some of the tightest spreads available, and enjoy low commission on Single Stocks and zero commission on Stock Indices.
With SAXO BANK you can Trade with up to a 1:50 leverage and maximize your trading affability and opportunities.

Now you can trade stocks and CFDs as low as 6 USD per trade

SAXO BANK’s CFD rate examples

Index Trackers Spread Margin
Germany 30 1,50 3,00%
US 500 0,90 2,00%
UK 100 1,00 2,00%
Single Stocks Commission from Margin
Apple Inc. 0,02 USD/share 10,00%
Facebook Inc. 0,02 USD/share 10,00%
Vodafone 0,10% 10,00%
Commodities Spread Margin
US Crude Oil 0,05 4,00%
Gold 0,60 8,00%
Silver 3,50 8,00%

Saxo Bank brings over 30,000 assets to choose between, you have the world’s trading opportunities at your fingertips.

Saxo Bank brings all asset categories together under one platform, providing you the power to immediately act on a sudden opportunity or simply to diversify your portfolio.

Saxo Bank was awarded as Best Online Futures & Options Provider 2014, Best Retail Platform 2014 and as the Best Multi-Asset Liquidity Provider Europe 2014
Saxo Bank is one of the best CFD brokers The pricing of CFDs with Saxo Bank is simple and transparent.
As one of the best binary options brokers, Saxo Bank is formally registered by the FCA.
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