Huaqiangbei Electronics Markets in Shenzhen

If you are doing your business trip in the kingdom of the electronics market, Shenzhen, you must not miss spending at least a day in Huaqiangbei electronic market. Originally, this place is an industrial park devoted to electronics component, communication products, electric appliances, computers and the like. It was the place where people go sourcing electronic components. In the year 1998, this was transformed into a commercial center of Shenzhen electronic market with digital and electronics products as its backbone. In the year 2008, it earned the reputation as China’s Number 1 Electronic Street. This amazingly huge place homes thousand retailers and wholesalers of electronics more than any other marketplace around China such as Zhongguancun.

Huaqiangbei is a massive electronics parts market in the Futian District of Shenzhen, China. If you aren’t familiar, Shenzhen is all the way South in China’s Guangdong Province, bordering Hong Kong to the West (related: The Best Way to Shenzhen from Hong Kong Airport). You can find almost any electronic part you’ve ever dreamed of here, and many you haven’t. Have you ever heard of an iPhone “Nano”? Well, that’s because they don’t exist… except for in the magical aisles of Huaqiangbei.

If you are into electronics business, and you will need supplies and products, Huaqiangbei is the ideal place to be. However, please be advised that even with the myriad and overwhelming option, you are most likely not going to get a very good price of the product by directly trading with the sellers when you are a foreigner. It is with very high chance you may get scammed as well for buying products with very low quality. Nor to mention that most of these suppliers are not able to speak English. It’s very unlikely that you can personally go to their shopping centers to make your own purchase and to develop a cooperative relationship with the suppliers without knowing anyone from the market in the first place. Believe me, this is why the role of a sourcing agent in Shenzhen is crucial in this kind of business. With familiarity to the Huaqiangbei electronics market regarding pricing and product quality, the sourcing agent can also screen out the suppliers who are trustworthy for you, and ensure successful business in Shenzhen.

In Huaqiangbei electronic market, you can find just anything and everything for your electronics needs. It offers the widest variety of phones, gadgets, cameras, lcd’s, pc’s, laptops, batteries, accessories for brand names Apple, Sony, Canon, Dell, Asus and a lot more. This is also the ideal place for sourcing electronic components. One of the multi-level building offers small components such as leds, resistors, plugs and all other kinds of electronic fitting. There is also a floor for the recycled goods. And packaging and shipping is just around the corner. With so much to offer, this is the ideal place to be for capitalists, innovators, makers, and start-ups.